Like most things in life, when it comes to the weather, there are people who enjoy and those that don’t. Take summer for example – are you a sun worshipper heading to the beach for your all over bronze tan? Or, do you just feel hot and bothered and lethargic in the heat. How about winter? Do you shiver and shake and feel your fingers freezing or, do you love to layer-up and enjoy the brisk icy days?

Either way, ladies, autumn is the season that defines the change, and like it or not, we are headed into cooler days.

Vintage dresses are perfect for autumn days

Don’t pack away your rockabilly styles. They can be beautifully styled for cooler days, keeping you warm and looking ultra-glam at the same time.

Here are some tips to make you look and feel gorgeous.

Team up with a cashmere cardigan

Cashmere wool or just cashmere, is a luxurious fabric that has been woven for many hundreds of years. It comes from Kashmir goats that live in northern China and Mongolia. The wool is expensive as each goat only produces around 113g of cashmere fibre each year. It takes two goats to produce enough fibre to make a single jumper in a year. Cashmere is ultra-warm and soft, lightweight and breathable - the ultimate must-have addition to your wardrobe. Save up for one or two. Unlike cheaper synthetic fabrics, a cashmere cardigan will last for a lifetime. 

Cashmere cardigans and sweaters were hot fashion items in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. They were embellished with beautiful pearl beading and lace. Many styles were embroidered with intricate appliqués and flower designs. Wearing a cashmere cardigan over your vintage dress adds to the look and keeps you cosy and warm.



This stunning picture shared by @nenoevans shows how to wear your vintage dress with a cropped cashmere cardigan. Choose a matching colour to blend in with the pattern or go for a contrasting colour to create a wow look.

Wrap up with a shawl or huge scarf



Carrying a large shawl or a scarf is the perfect way to keep warm on cooler evenings. Look like a gypsy or an elegant diva - it is up to you. Wrap shawls were popular in the early and mid 19th century, but date as far back as the 1700s. They were worn in India and found their way to Europe when the British East India Trading Company was established.

A warm shawl looks stunning thrown over your shoulders and adds a touch of glam to any vintage dress. Shawls come in all types of fabric from sensuous silk to chunky knits. Go for soft pastel colours for daytime wear and glitzy gold or silver for evening affairs.


Pair with a tailored jacket



Pairing your retro dress with a tailored jacket instantly gives it a smart, professional finish. Now, you can wear your fave vintage dresses to the office, a business meeting, a seminar or conference. Choose solid colour jackets in classic navy, black, white or cream. They will tone down the bold bright patterns of your vintage dress, creating a polished look. For a wow-factor, team up with a matching laptop bag or briefcase.

The classic tailored jacket usually has buttons at the front, a notched collar, pockets and sleeves. They are the perfect shape to enhance your figure while remaining professional and stylish. A jacket is so versatile. When you are not wearing your retro dress, team it up with pants, a skirt or wear over a jumpsuit.


Add layers underneath



Layering is all the rage and layering your vintage dress is fun and easy. Take a look at our fab model @missflorenceivy. She has styled our gorgeous classic polka dot dress by wearing an ultra-feminine white top underneath the dress. The collar has a huge bow that shows out over the scoop neck. The dress is sleeveless and the sleeves of the under-layer add a new dimension at the shoulders and arm. You can choose a short sleeve for autumn. For winter, a long sleeve will keep you warm.

Layer with garments made of cotton, silk, wool, linen or cashmere. For a glam look, layer with glitzy chiffons or gorgeous lace. Adding a crinoline under the skirt adds seductive appeal and keeps your legs warm.


Keep your head warm with a hat



When you do vintage, you do hats. They are an integral part of any stylish outfit. Hats also keep you warm in cooler weather. Our glam gals love hats with huge brims that create a seductive look. Add sunshades and pearls, and you are looking good.



For a more practical approach, pillbox-style hats are also fun and classic. They are made of warmer fabrics like felt or wool and keep away those winter chills. Wear one that has a lacy veil to cover your face.


Keep your feet warm

Boots in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s were all the rage. Ladies wore knee high boots, rain boots and galoshes. Snow boots lined with fur were popular, as were boots lined with wool, quilting or fleece. Boots came in all shapes and styles from ankle high to tall lace-ups, Western and Victorian designs. Some boots were actually just rain covers that were pulled on over normal shoes when walking in the snow or wet weather. Those gals sure were innovative.




Boots are the perfect accessories to keep your toes warm. They go so well with any vintage style. Choose boots with high heels for a smart look, or choose flat soles for comfort.

If you don’t enjoy boots – go for long socks. Mix and match colours and patterns and don’t forget the classic polka dot – it was a fave of Princess Di.



Still feeling cold?



If after all these ideas you are still feeling cold, well ..... the best suggestion we have is to make a mug of steaming hot chocolate, wrap up in a warm blanket, grab a great book and spend  the day in bed.

14 March 2021