There was a great customer review the other day, where she was so surprised that the dress didn't shrink at all.  It then occurred to us, that we never shared the info on why and how we prevent this!


Well no one likes their favourite new dress becoming a doll's outfit after being washed!


It is actually quite easy to prevent.  We wash all the material twice before it is laid out for cutting against a pattern.

This gets all the shrink out of the way up front!  A typical Number 9 Cotton Dress will need 3 metres of fabric.  To get those 3 metres we need to pre wash about 3.5 metres.  For a typical Number 9 Rayon Dress that needs 3 metres, we need to pre wash about 4.5-5 metres of fabric.

This makes the material costs a bit higher and in the case of Rayon, almost double.  The result though is a better product for our customers and a much better experience, as we know you will never be disappointed after you wash the items.......provided you follow our care instructions that we ship with each order.

You do follow the care instructions right?  ;-)




14 March 2018