Do you find yourself staring at your wardrobe in the morning in a stressed-out state, wondering what to wear? Once you have chosen an outfit you probably don’t think about it again. You are off on the daily rush!



Choosing specific colours is a reflection of our mood, personality and mindset at the time. And, you may end up getting it wrong! Breezing into the boardroom meeting in pink and purple stripes may not be the ideal OOTD. On the other hand, arriving at a fun tropical beach party in dull brown and grey is equally as bad.

Read on to find out how colours reflect your mood and personality and which colours to choose for your day to day occasions.


Dress for work 

If you spend your 9-to-5 in a conservative office environment, the best choice of colours are the classics. Black, navy, white, grey, brown and dark green are all perfect. Choose solid colour pieces and mix-and-match. Create combinations with tops, skirts, pants, blazers and jackets. 

Black and white looks classy. Black and grey look stylish. Black with navy is definitely a Boss-look. White is great for a top, but avoid it for skirts and pants. Office chairs can be grubby and you don’t want to look as if you forgot to do the washing. You want to avoid in-your-face bright colours like purple, hot pink, canary-yellow and shimmering metallics.



If you want to go for a pattern, conservative is best. Small polka dots are ideal. Delicate floral prints can be paired with a plain jacket. Stripes give a smart nautical feel, but choose a design that is muted and classy.

Avoid large, all-over prints that scream exotic tropical island or beach holiday.

If you work in graphic design studio, advertising agency, theatre or the arts, obviously, the more way-out and colourful you look – the better.


Dress for a fun weekend

Weekends call for fun in the sun! Warm colours are what you need – red, orange and yellow. Mediterranean shades of blue and green are perfect for showing your style and personality on a weekend outing. Red is the colour of adventure, action and confidence. Yellow is a happy – like a ray of sunshine, cheering up the event and everyone around you. Orange is a combination of the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is associated with creativity, determination and attraction.

If your grandma told you never to pair blue and green – think again! These two shades complement one another perfectly. Green speaks of nature, new life, luck and health. Blue is the colour of the ocean and the sky. It calls to mind peace, stability, wisdom and calmness.

On weekends, you can go wild and choose bold patterns that reflect your personality. How about crazy lemons, watermelons or cherries? Be way-out and choose floating swans or pink parrots. For a feminine look florals are the perfect choice. Roses, peonies, cherry blossoms and daisies show your ladylike-side.

Do you love to go with the latest trends? It is all about tropical. Dress up in patterns of huge palm leaves or a spiky cactus.



Our beautiful on-trend tropical cactus design is a winner!


Dress for an evening affair

Evening events call for glitz and glam. Nothing does that better than silver and gold. Shimmer and shine all the way into the limo and out at the venue. Sparkle is the way to go.



If you prefer to tone it down, wear your LBD and accessorise with silver or gold jewellery. White, cream and off-white can look glorious, but make sure you don’t compete with the bride.

Are you a gal who loves colour and metallics are not for you? You can go for

  • Purple.  This shade is for the bold and daring. It is royal, luxurious and will certainly get people talking
  • Red.  Makes an instant statement and turns heads. It is bold, intense and says ‘Here I am’
  • Blue.  Exudes confidence and calmness. You know who you are and you are independent, confident and successful
  • Green.  Is ideal for a more formal evening event like a corporate dinner, seminar, conference or business award ceremony.


Dress for a romantic dinner

The colour you choose for your romantic dinner will certainly set the scene for how the evening will go – obviously only if you decide that is what you want!



Be sexy, seductive and vampish in red or purple. These are the colours of adventure, passion and danger. Black is seriously alluring, with an element of mystery, authority and sophistication.

On the opposite side, you may choose to be demure and ladylike. Go for light colours and pastel shades. Toned-down colours work perfectly – light blues, light green, lavender, pink and off-white all look stunning with simple jewellery and a flower in your hair. 


Dress for the gym, a run or a cycle ride

You have to love athleisure wear when it comes to colour. These styles are made to be bold and out-there.



Anything goes, the brighter the better. Mix and match and combine colours that clash! You will look the part as you lift weights, do squats or sprint to the finish line. If you are not yet at your peak fitness, black is super-slimming and will hide those bulges that you are working on.


Be unique and cool in unusual shades

Colours don’t always come to mind when you are shopping for something different. How about a stunning teal? This shade offers the calming properties of blue with the life-giving properties of green. It is revitalizing and glorious to look at.



Also on the list of ultra-cool colours is coral, a beautiful shade that brings to mind the inside of seashells. It is warm, calm and comforting.

Emerald is an exotic shade that speaks of lush forests, nymphs and exquisite semi-precious stones. It symbolises balance and harmony with a hint of mystery.


Do your thing

There are certainly no rules when it comes to colour. In some work environments, you may have to conform. After that – it is up to you.

Show your stylish personality with sophisticated blacks, greys or white. Be way-out in purple and teal. Be seductive in red or demure in baby blue. Colour is fun.



Darlings - Let us know what colours you luv!

06 October 2020