How our lives have changed this year! If anyone had ever predicted a year like 2020 – who would have believed them? As a manufacturer of gorgeous vintage dresses, so many of our ladies are saying – I wish we could wear all these lovely dresses!

Darlings – you can and should!


Don’t get stuck in your PJ’s



The first few months of lockdown were really a slow-down and be-casual affair. Wearing PJ’s, joggers and slippers all day long is super-comfortable and fun – for a while. After a time, you are sure to start wondering whether you should be getting up or going to bed. And, those leggings are probably looking a little worn out, washed-out, stretched and tired by now.

Mismatched tops and bottoms, slipping-off-slippers and baggy boyfriend Tees will eventually start to wear you down and create a negative mindset.  Positive thoughts are what is needed now and what you wear will greatly affect your state-of-mind.

Get up and get dressed. Do your hair and make-up. Don’t fall into the trap of slouching around all day in PJ’s. It is not good for your mindset and can easily add to stress and depression.


Look great on Zoom, Skype, Teams & Bluejeans



With so many people working from home, Zoom and Skype have become the new meeting place for both business and leisure. But, don’t confuse the two. Business is business and you need to look professional and ready to seal that massive deal.


This is your time to dress up. Wear your fun vintage themed dress and show it off. It is all about the upper half of the body and you can show off lovely necklines with your fave necklace, locket or birthstone pendant. Dresses with square necklines, sweetheart necklines and scooped necklines are ideal. The T-shirt style shown above is perfect for online cameras. The neckline is not too low, and the cap sleeves cover your arms, adding to the professional office-look. Stay away from deep and show-off plunging V-necklines on a Skype or Zoom call. 

Remember that your audience gets an intimate look at the room you are in when you open your laptop camera. They can see into corridors, open closets and even through windows. Spend some time and set up your laptop in a place where your dirty lunch dishes are not visible, your pot plant looks mostly alive and growing, and the dust has been wiped off the bookshelves. Imagine that you are inviting someone into your home and prepare accordingly.


The top half matters most – bodice, hair and makeup


Like our savvy lady in the picture – your top half is the focus during online Skype and Zoom meetings. What you wear on the bottom half doesn’t really matter too much. Make sure, however, that you don’t forget, and rush out of the room, giving everyone a glimpse of your baggy PJ pants and cute doggy slippers.

Hair and make-up is super important. Take out those hair rollers, hair pins and dig your hairbrush out of the drawer. You need to look smart, professional and with-it, as if you are in the boardroom or the seminar venue. Spend time and apply make-up that is natural and clean. Keep your hair from falling over your face, after all, that is mostly what people see of you on the screen.

While an all-over large patterned print dress may be too much for a day at the office – it is great for an online call. People will respond to fun, summery designs and bold colours. If you feel that they are too much, tone down the look with a formal solid colour jacket or a blazer.

Sound travels incredibly loudly over the airwaves. Stay away from jangling earrings and necklaces. Make sure the family or boyfriend have not decided to start a garden mowing, vacuuming, or building project at the same time as your meeting.


Make going to the grocery store an outing


One of the few outings we are all making is a visit to the local grocery store. Since there are not too many other opportunities to get out – why not take advantage and dress up?

Your floral vintage dress is fun and fresh and sure to put a smile on your face, and others too. Team it up with flats or sneakers, you don’t want to teeter along the aisles in 6 inch heels. Accessorise with a large tote to hold all your essentials plus your sanitiser bottle and wipes.

Masks are the fashion statement of the day, ditch those boring paper masks and get one to match the colours of your dress. You can make them yourself or support a small home business sewing masks during these difficult times.


Clean out your closet



Now that you have time and are stuck at home, it is a great opportunity to clean out your closet. Sort through everything you have and ditch all those clothes you haven’t worn for years. Are they too small? Don’t try dieting, it seldom works. Do they need repairing? It will probably never happen! Donate, sell, give them away or put them in the bin.

Clearing out a closet or drawer is one of the most positive things you can do. It releases stuck energy and brings a feeling of fresh beginnings, achievement and positiveness into your life. And, you will have more space for those gorgeous new clothes you want to buy for the future.

Darlings – we just luv hearing from you. Let us know how you are coping during lockdown and send us some selfies of you wearing a gorgeous vintage dress!

11 November 2020